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Descart is an alternative art route, containing 7 artworks around the city centre of Rotterdam. It is a project by Tom Hoefnagels en Robert Reinartz. Visit the route here. The sites can be visited digitally and physically. Work will be on show by Helmut Smits, Katrein Breukers, Koen Taselaar, Nazif Lopulissa, Willem de Haan and myself. I made a self-portrait and an audio thingy.

Upcoming: Performance @ Showroom MAMA

Always wanted to smash right through the impenetrable surface of the nearly natural, meet your inner guidance, or wander around in the magic garden of your mind’s eye?

“Come through for a guided meditation session in the Neverland cinema. This work takes the format of a screensaver to activate another form of watching together; a watching transformed into meditating. Sink in a meditative mode of perceiving through a guided meditation scripted and performed by Anne Kolbe. Sound by Rowan van As. Music from the tapes provided by DJ Kapsalon.”

Date: 2-2-2020
Time: 17.15h – 18h
Location: Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

Event: here
The work is part of the Neverland Cinema program during IFFR. Read more on the project, Neverland Cinema and other performances in the program


Since my ‘artist statement’ descended from the idea that one needs to explain to contextualise, and as I felt mine was a bit of a mask of rhetorics, I started thinking on an alternative means to navigate through my works/thoughts/texts/guided meditations/finds/things that make me happy/etc. Suffice to say it is under construction and always will be incomplete.

Focus at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art – Uncomfortable Objects

Join me for an exhibition walkthrough on Mariana Castillo Deballs installation “Uncomfortable Objects”, on view at Mariana Castillo Deball, a solo exhibition at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art.

We talk about things all the time. We describe them, explain them, make remarks about them, try to understand them, or complain about them. What would we talk about without things? Would we become as mute as chairs, our favourite sweater or a door stop? These things may be mute, but they aren’t speechless. Objects shape our surroundings. They become charged with meaning as we live amongst them. In this FOCUS, we are going to talk to things, in order to find out what they in turn have to say, and generate a new language that emerges from and between them.

Date: Friday July 19 at 17.30 hours
Location: Melly (ground floor space at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art)

What does a door stop have to say to a napkin holder?

Link to the event on the website

Link to the facebook event

Piet Zwart Master of Fine Art Graduation Show

Full article by Federica Bueti on ‘Tripping Autonomy’

“Unintentional spills are very much part of this exhibition, partly because of the absence of walls between the student’s solo presentations in the host space De Kroon, a former electrical engineering factory on the Maas River. From the sound spillages of the woman’s voice in Johanna Kotlaris’ audio pieces, Things I Thought I Said and Things I Know I Said, to the water literally spilling over the top of Anne Kolbe’s Coniferous Fountain (2018), to the alcohol dripping down and forming dark patches on the concrete floor in Victor Santamarina’s sculptures. Whether a desired effect or an accident, the metaphor of the spill started to resonate with the way the different artists were approaching their works; through literal or imagined encounters, in evoking intimate proximity, and by using personal experience to connect to the viewer.”

Federica Bueti on ‘You have to have a sense of what your characters are doing in order to sell they play’, ‘Coniferous fountain’ and my practice.

(Federica Bueti, “Spills: Retrospective Reflections and Contaminated Afterthoughts”, 2018)

(Quote from Anne Kolbe, “An Object Choreography” (master’s thesis, PZIMFA, 2018)

Moving Monument

fontein pokemon website

You are cordially invited to the presentation of our fountain, next weekend June 2 at 13.00 h. during Charlois Speciaal.

More info on the Varia webiste (space for everyday technology)

and the facebook event

Long before there were people in Charlois, there was already water. Water is always on the move and always finds a way. Historically, fountains were gathering places that occupied a central place in village- and city life. Often they were installed to commemorate a great battle, a plague epidemic or some other historical event, donated by the municipality or a patron. Unfortunately, Charlois currently has no working fountain. Niek Hilkmann and Anne Kolbe want to remedy this shortcoming and temporarily give Charlois a mobile fountain that is not tied to a single place or interpretation. After an opening ceremony, held on the 2nd June around 13:00, next to Varia, space for everyday technology, the fountain can be seen during the weekends of the Charlois Speciaal festival, in search of new meaning and appreciation.

Poses Against Gravity / PULSE #22

Next Saturday at Studio Omstand in Arnhem:
Poses Against Gravity / PULSE #22
December 2-31 2017, Opening: December 2: 16.00 h.

With works of Anne Kolbe, Sibylle Eimermacher and Daniëlle Van Ark


Flag ceremony #2: Tijl Orlando Frijns

website Tijl afbeelding

De vlaggenheisa
Second in a series of flags and accompanying ceremonies with the flag pole as an exhibition site:

#2 TIJL ORLANDO FRIJNS: Behind your flag
16.00 h. October 8 2017
Kunst & Complex, Keileweg 26, Rotterdam

facebook event

Flags can deal with topics such as identity, diversity, similarities, agreements and contracts. They serve as markers for existing territories or get planted on freshly conquered ones. They symbolise journeys being made, fraternisation, reconciliation, but they can also provoke collisions, separation, conflicts and exclusion.

Time to reconsider the flag with Tijl Orlando Frijns! During the next flag ceremony Tijl is going to unfurl some of his thoughts on flags in the form of a performative speech. He will raise a narrative ‘flag’ that touches upon notions such as liberties, boundlessness and breaking down conventions.

You are very welcome to join us for the ceremony in the yard of Kunst & Complex, Keileweg 26, Rotterdam. There will be beers for the modest sum of a Euro!

Open Studio’s Kunst en Complex 2017




Najiba Brakkee kwam langs in mijn atelier en maakte wat foto’s voor Trendbeheer



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