Anne Kolbe


Documentation of a performance during The trumpet’s magazine release, during the walki talki event of the Voluntary
Fire Fighters of the Apocalypse, Euromastpark Rotterdam, november 29th 2020. Photos by Vera Mennens.

There’s a health epidemic…!
Do you find yourself often fed up with the indoors too?
Well, the answer to your problem is right around the block..
Your local park is a great place to start your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Parks are free (ting!), accessible (ting!) and beautiful places to get out and walk (ting, ting, ting!). Time in the outdoors and in fresh air can help you feel great again.
You can be with the people who are important to you – or! – meet new friends.
Local parks provide a place to gather, exercise and have fun.
Using and supporting your local park will protect the environment and benefit the economy,
so you and your community can thrive.
So get out and explore your park!

Now, what can we do in the park?
The possibilities are in fact endless.
A park is a great place to exercise.
Here’s a small number of exercises that you can do in the park.
You might want to try them today!

1. See if you can identify some plants and other things in the park. One option is to collect leaves, dry them and put them in your very own herbarium.
Hey! We have one right here!
Do you know what this is for a type of plant?
Yes! Here we have one – a conifer branch.
LOOK OVER THERE! It’s boxwood!
It’s amazing!
The boxwood plant is one of the most commonly used and at the same time one of the most under appreciated type of plant! (Well those things go often hand in hand right?) It is best known for it’s extraordinary ability to not stand out.

And what do we have here? Holy fuck! Pebbles. In all sizes and shapes!

There’s an infinite number of marvelous things to discover in the park as you now can see.
I trust you get my point.

2. The next exercise involves hedges.
Hedges are super fun things.
They are the walls of the outdoors.
They guide and limit our movements, they obstruct things from view – hedges are in control!
Have you ever truly looked at a hedge? I mean, truly looked at a hedge!
They’re simply amazing. And the usual park is full of them!
You might be surprised what hedges conceal… what possibilities they offer… the things they hold.
Let’s just go for it and find out!
Stick your head inside a hedge, and see what you might find or feel.

The same thing can be done with shrubs.
Shrubs are amazing too!
Shrubs offer a different outlook in their own unique way!
What you might find inside of them may surprise you. Some bushes are known to contain the most extraordinary and revolutionary ideas. Discover them by sticking your head inside. (Go on, do it!)

3. Another fun exercise to do in the park involves a boulder. In a good park there is always one or two – or if you’re lucky – even a whole bunch of them.
Choose one carefully and go sit on it. Think about it while you do. Sit for as long as you need to feel that you’re merging into one beautiful half human half boulder being. Be a boulder. Try it out for seize!

4. Okay, the last one: a final exercise (back to the hedge):
wriggle yourself through a hedge.

That’s what makes hedges so amazing, compared to walls. They’re semi peneatrable.
Go ahead and push yourself through it.

First pick a spot. From there, just go for it!
It’s quite intense, heavy and it can be quite the struggle, but it’s worth it!
(Be gentle and mind your environment, of course)

I hope I provided you with just the right inspiration for your perfect afternoon in the park.
It’s amazing out here!
Over – and – out (kggg)

Link to the video documentation of the event by fcr