Anne Kolbe

Door de heg

Curated group show in the 18 vitrines of Foundation B.a.d.
on the occasion of the launch of my book ‘Door de heg’

Anne Kolbe, Plants don’t have hands (2023)

Annegret Kellner, Lustgarten serie – BAD (2023)

Marjolein de Witte, Inanimatis (2018) & Form Correction (2023)

Ilona Plaum, Paper cut 1 & 2, (2015)

Dirk van Lieshout, Moving Bushes (2005)

Olivier Scheffer en Nelleke Scharroo, Voortuin (2023)

Stang Gubbels, Struiken 1 & 2 (2023)

Yvo van der Vat, I wanna walk around like a zombie (2023)

Frans van Lent, Both sides of the bridge (2021)

Anne Kolbe, Upholstered fence (2023)

Many thanks to Tim Hollander for the graphic design of both the exhibition and publication, all exhibiting
artists, Foundation B.A.D, Stichting Droom en Daad and a very special thanks to CBK Rotterdam for
supporting this presentation.