Anne Kolbe


DIY-Performance exercise: Head in a hedge (Level 1: beginner)

DIY-Performance exercise: Head in a hedge (Level 2: advanced)

“You have some time off to focus on art, but you don’t feel like visiting a museum or gallery?
Don’t just look at the work of somebody else, perform it yourself!
The Concept Bank is filled with appealing works of contemporary artists. It is available, now, here.” is an initiative of the Unnoticed Art Festival.

Whoever executes these performances, can give a sign of life by sending their outcome/documentation/
an image/text to
This pages shows some results by myself and (unknown) others conducting the exercises.
Should you wish to execute these exercise yourself, your documentation could end up here.

“We did it virtually bij finding 2 imaginary holes in a virtual hedge.
In no time the hedge grew virtually an kept us hostage.
I took two virtual magic spells to get free again.
This may be a warning to amateurs.”

Stang Gubbels (2021) Olivier op zoek naar hoop, Biënnale Oosterhout, Kunst in de Heilige Driehoek

Gilbert van Drunen