Anne Kolbe

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No volume without surface

Wearables: furniture and fittings

Door de heg (curated)

You never know when you’ll need a flower vase

Various actions, performances & moving image

A human is not more a human than a plant is a plant

A potplant choreography

Representations of self


Fold your own!

Coniferous fountain: a mobile monument

Buxus Concept Store

Artist Portraits

A walk in the park (keeps me going)

Head in the hedge

Furniture exercises


Flag gazing exercise

tripping autonomy anne kolbe piet zwart institute graduation show master fine art
You have to have a sense of what your characters are doing when you are not looking in order to sell
the play

This is a lure (inconspicuous objects)

website voorkantIMG_9873 leuk
Series of flag ceremonies (curated)

IMG_0318 pleun

I am an object with many echoes


A piece of marble floats through the hyper real


Marble cloth

blocks blocks blocks hotel maria kapel anne kolbe 2015
Blocks blocks blocks (Hotel Maria Kapel)

Hyper Hyper Vort Platvorm Anne Kolbe
Hyper hyper

irregular shapes kersentuin anne kolbe rai amsterdam
Irregular objects Kunst RAI


Graduation Show




Another wall