Anne Kolbe

Focus at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art – Uncomfortable Objects

Join me for an exhibition walkthrough on Mariana Castillo Deballs installation “Uncomfortable Objects”, on view at Mariana Castillo Deball, a solo exhibition at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art.

We talk about things all the time. We describe them, explain them, make remarks about them, try to understand them, or complain about them. What would we talk about without things? Would we become as mute as chairs, our favourite sweater or a door stop? These things may be mute, but they aren’t speechless. Objects shape our surroundings. They become charged with meaning as we live amongst them. In this FOCUS, we are going to talk to things, in order to find out what they in turn have to say, and generate a new language that emerges from and between them.

Date: Friday July 19 at 17.30 hours
Location: Melly (ground floor space at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art)

What does a door stop have to say to a napkin holder?

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