Anne Kolbe

Moving Monument

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You are cordially invited to the presentation of our fountain, next weekend June 2 at 13.00 h. during Charlois Speciaal.

More info on the Varia webiste (space for everyday technology)

and the facebook event

Long before there were people in Charlois, there was already water. Water is always on the move and always finds a way. Historically, fountains were gathering places that occupied a central place in village- and city life. Often they were installed to commemorate a great battle, a plague epidemic or some other historical event, donated by the municipality or a patron. Unfortunately, Charlois currently has no working fountain. Niek Hilkmann and Anne Kolbe want to remedy this shortcoming and temporarily give Charlois a mobile fountain that is not tied to a single place or interpretation. After an opening ceremony, held on the 2nd June around 13:00, next to Varia, space for everyday technology, the fountain can be seen during the weekends of the Charlois Speciaal festival, in search of new meaning and appreciation.