Anne Kolbe

Piet Zwart Master of Fine Art Graduation Show

Full article by Federica Bueti on ‘Tripping Autonomy’

“Unintentional spills are very much part of this exhibition, partly because of the absence of walls between the student’s solo presentations in the host space De Kroon, a former electrical engineering factory on the Maas River. From the sound spillages of the woman’s voice in Johanna Kotlaris’ audio pieces, Things I Thought I Said and Things I Know I Said, to the water literally spilling over the top of Anne Kolbe’s Coniferous Fountain (2018), to the alcohol dripping down and forming dark patches on the concrete floor in Victor Santamarina’s sculptures. Whether a desired effect or an accident, the metaphor of the spill started to resonate with the way the different artists were approaching their works; through literal or imagined encounters, in evoking intimate proximity, and by using personal experience to connect to the viewer.”

Federica Bueti on ‘You have to have a sense of what your characters are doing in order to sell they play’, ‘Coniferous fountain’ and my practice.

(Federica Bueti, “Spills: Retrospective Reflections and Contaminated Afterthoughts”, 2018)

(Quote from Anne Kolbe, “An Object Choreography” (master’s thesis, PZIMFA, 2018)