Anne Kolbe

Bavo Baby

bavo baby de vishal haarlem anne kolbe something lost in something mechanical wall st. saint bavo church

bavobaby3bavo baby de vishal haarlem anne kolbe wall st. saint bavo church

Ten young artists – five living in Haarlem (NL) and five living in Gent (BE) – participated in BAVO BABY, a show in De Vishal for which they created new works. Saint Bavo is both the patron saint of Gent and Haarlem and therefor he gave occasion for a show in which the artists gave their own contemporary interpretation on this holy historic matter. All participants graduated in the time span of the past three years in The Netherlands or in Belgium.

Participants are:

Saskia Burggraaf
Marianne Hotske Hamersma
Veerle Thoben
Ralph de Jongh
Anne Kolbe

Neel de Bruycker
Sven Dehens
Dieter Durinck
Emmelie Martens
Jonathan Paepens