Anne Kolbe

Performance @ Showroom MAMA

Always wanted to smash right through the impenetrable surface of the nearly natural, meet your inner guidance, or wander around in the magic garden of your mind’s eye?

MAMA: “Come through for a guided meditation session in the Neverland cinema. This work takes the format of a screensaver to activate another form of watching together; a watching transformed into meditating. Sink in a meditative mode of perceiving through a guided meditation scripted and performed by Anne Kolbe. Sound by Rowan van As. Music from the tapes provided by DJ Kapsalon.”

Date: 2-2-2020
Time: 17.15h – 18h
Location: Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

Event: here
The work is part of the Neverland Cinema program during IFFR. Read more on the project, Neverland Cinema and other performances in the program